Onlinecasting was established over 15 years ago in Denmark. After becoming one of the major players in the Danish industry - connecting casters with great talents - the decision to bring our great platform to the rest of the world was made.

Today Onlinecasting is represented in Denmark, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa and United Arab Emirates. And there are of course great plans to bring it to many more countries.


The mission of Onlinecasting is simple
Bring talents to the movie, tv, model, music and theatre industry in any form.


How we do it: Casters can create posts for their jobs and/or dig into our database and search through it to find and contact specific talents. Talents can create their profile, lean back and await being contacted directly with jobs for them to apply for – or search through the list of castings and auditions directly on the site.

Meet our employees