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What does it take to become a model in South Africa?

Tuesday d. 5 February 2019 - For models
How do you actually become a model? What does it take? Is it as glamorous, as it sounds? Read all about it, right here.
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Unprofessional or improper casting agents

Saturday d. 30 April 2016 - For everyone
In this article you can read about what to do if you feel uncomfortable with a casting agent, and what Onlinecasting is doing to ensure your safety.
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Nudity and castings

Saturday d. 30 April 2016 - For models
Sometimes it happens that we post a casting requiring nudity. Read our recommendations about the subject of nudity here.
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Why do I need a VIP profile?

Friday d. 18 March 2016 - For everyone
Given that it is free to have a normal profile on Onlinecasting, and I can still use most of the features on Onlinecasting - why should I then upgrade to a VIP profile?
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How to take a good picture of yourself

Friday d. 23 May 2014 - For models
Taking a good photo of yourself: a few basics to help you get the perfect shot.
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Tips On How To Look Thinner On Pictures

Friday d. 23 May 2014 - For everyone
When it comes to taking pictures, most of the people are concerned because of the fact that they look overweight in the photos.
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Tips to be a better extra

Friday d. 23 May 2014 - For extras
Do not do to complain about the long hours of waiting.
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How to look taller in pictures

Friday d. 23 May 2014 - For everyone
As much as we would like to change our height, it is impossible to do so. Most people view it as an impediment to style. Here are tips on how to look taller on pictures.
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How to prepare for a casting?

Friday d. 23 May 2014 - For everyone
A casting is your big chance to be seen and get heard by directors and producers - and to show them your abilities as an actor or TV star.
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