Models, extras, actors, singers, dancers and more. Read this: is a website that establishes connection between people in all ages dreaming of a career (or perhaps just a spare job) as a model, extra, actor, singer, dancer etc. with modelling and casting agencies, talent scouts, directors etc. searching for new talents.

In that sense, is not a binding agency; it's just a kind of middleman. 

In our experience, there is demand for every type of person which means there are no requirements with regards to qualifications and looks. Everybody can join in, and as a starting point everyone has got an equal opportunity for getting job offers.

There are many types of jobs that you may be offered through

An agency needs a person for a TV-commercial or a fashion show with precisely your goals and/or qualifications.

An agent, representing a company with a big movie production in sight, may think that your charisma and personality would be perfect for a part in this movie.

These examples are just samples of the many different jobs you could be offered by using Onlinecasting.

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Agents, casters, agencies and more Read this: works as a job database that establishes contact between agencies and qualified candidates. Using  the sophisticated search engine of, we're making it easy for you as an agent or a caster to sit by your computer and find interesting candidates for your next project.

Our profile database contains professionals, amateurs and everything in between whom dreams of a career in the spotlight. Something they have all got in common is the will and the passion to take on new challenges.

As our concept builds on the foundation of diversity and versatility, we have a large spectrum of different personalities. Our wide-reaching and well-stocked assortment assures you that the chance of finding precisely the type of personality you're seeking is relatively large.

If you don't have the time nor the energy to search through our filings, you can always send us a general bulletin to [email protected] which we'll share on our site for free.

If you think sounds like something that can help you in your pursuit of finding new talents, then create a free agent profile here and get the possibility to contact the many exciting profiles.

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* only establishes the initial contact, the rest is up to you. Any consequence of a partnership is solely the responsibility of you and the profile.