60+ - Do I Still Have A Chance?

Created the: 17-09-2020


You know more about retirement payments than student loans. Your hair has been grey for a while, and you have the physical characteristics of a life well-lived. Although your birth certificate shows you’ve entered the modelling game late, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost. On the contrary, over-60 models and Extras are becoming more and more popular.

60+ models are rarer than other models, which means less competition and tremendous opportunity in the industry.

Profile photos: Make sure you have good photos of yourself. It’s important to have at least one where you’re smiling and one where you’re not, in addition to a full-length figure shot. Wear little or no make-up in your photos and remember that the background must be neutral so it doesn’t distract from you.

If you change your hair or alter your appearance, remember to update the photos in your profile. Your new look could potentially be just what the casters or agents are looking for.

Appearance: Beautiful and healthy skin is always important, no matter what type of modelling you do. However, for older models, wrinkles are nothing to hide or worry about — they define you and are even desirable in the 60+ category.

Your personality should shine through, and most importantly, be proud of your age. Try not to dress or appear younger than you are. That’s not what the casters are looking for.

Print advertising: There are many opportunities for older models in print advertising. It could be a product aimed at an older audience or ads that need a grandmother or grandfather. The possibilities are varied and many, and the competition isn’t anywhere near as stiff as it is for younger models.

TV commercials: Similar to print advertising, there is a trend toward using older models in TV commercials. Roles for warm, confident seniors are in high demand for older advertising demographics. It could be a grandmother serving cookies to her grandchildren or a mature doctor advising a patient.

Extras: Playing an extra is not limited by age or body type. Everyone can be a background player in a film or TV production regardless of their height, weight, or any other physical attribute. All it takes is a positive attitude and a fair amount of patience.

Finally, believe in yourself. There is a good chance of finding modelling success in advertising or landing acting roles or parts as an extra. Whatever your objective, it will take hard work, patience, courage and commitment. But it also has the potential of delivering wonderful experiences that only sweeten retirement.

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