Can I Be a Hand Model?

Created the: 20-05-2020


Hand modelling is a profession that can lead to many more opportunities. They are used in advertisements for products such as; jewelry, lotions, nail care, etc. Here is our guide to see what it takes to be a hand model.

The Requirements

Female Hand Model
You should have sleek, elegant hands with long, straight fingers. Your hands must have uniform. This means uniform color and features, possibly needed for both hands. Your nails should be neat, particular detail paid attention to your thumbnails. This is because your thumb is most often the most visible feature in a photoshoot.

Male Hand Model
Your hands should be uniform. Similar to a woman's hand, uniform color and features are a necessity. Your fingers should be long and straight. Also, you should have neat, short-cut nails. As the same with woman’s hand modeling, pay close attention to ensure your thumb is especially neat, as it is the primary focus in a photoshoot.

Regardless of gender, any beauty marks, pigmentation, and scarring can reduce the possibility of finding hand modeling jobs.

What to Remember as a Hand Model

- Treat your hands with the utmost care. Use hand cream daily. Wear sunscreen in the summer and gloves in the winter to ensure your hands are always neat and healthy. Consider getting regular manicures. Avoid cutting your nails, as it is best to file your nails instead.

- Eat lots of vitamins. Vitamin deficiency can be seen on your nails and skin in your hands. You should especially ensure you are receiving enough Vitamin C and E for good nail and skin health.

- You must have calm hands. If your hands shake too much, the images may turn out blurred.

- As with other modeling jobs, you may face a lot of waiting time when working for a production. You need to have a good deal of patience and should be prepared with a good book in your luggage.

- It's a good idea to look in magazines or commercials for inspiration on how to pose with your hands.

Hand modeling jobs may be limited. Be wary that this might not provide a full-time career.