PAID: Travel Adventurers 20-40 Male or Female, Various Backgrounds

Men and women 18 - 40 Years old, All regions


Looking for English-speakers (can have accent, but must be easy to understand) that are adventurous for Travel Channel TV documentary series "Top Secret Swimming Holes & Top Secret Beaches.

R 1,019.41 ZAR/RAND ($75 US) for day.

High energy, dynamic personalities willing to have fun on-camera and talk about it. Prefer those who are fearless and physically fit, bonus if you have interesting background!
Casted individuals will go on fun adventures and tell their story, reacting to location and adventures with small documentary crew.

Please respond with why you want to be on travel channel show, and describe your personality. Links, photos, videos with description are all helpful. Thank you!

Please note: Onlinecasting do NOT take a cut of what you might earn.

  • Casting had ended