Auditions for 7 Women 1 Man Part 2, Limpopo

Men and women 20 - 50 Years old, Limpopo


Do you want to try your luck in acting? Now is the time!

Film auditions for "7 Women 1 Man (Part 2)" takes place in Polokwane, Limpopo the 25th of February 2017.

Characters needed:

Manny (Lead)
A 43 yrs old, the polygamist, a man with 7 wives, not too rich but could afford and a hard worker, a family orientate man.

38 yrs old, Manny’s first wife, a teacher by profession.

25 yr old, Manny’s fourth wife, a professional nurse.

She is also the polygamist’s wife and she is a hawker. She believes that if you want things to happen you must do them yourself. She is 32 yrs old. She’s the second wife.

26 yrs old, also Manny’s sixth wife, a professional nurse too.

28 yrs old, Manny’s fifth wife, a former model and an active politician.

22 yrs old, Manny’s youngest wife, a fashion designer. She’s the seventh wife.

32 yrs old man, Manny’s surviving brother; he is a pastor and does not believe in polygamy, very talkative and defensive.

MaRose (Lead)
33 yrs old, the shebeen queen, a great community gossiper, very friendly to everyone.

24 yrs old guy, always drunk but believes in God, Sina's best friend. A hard worker.

29 yrs old, she works as a domestic worker for Manny's whole family.

35 yrs old, third wife, a self-employed woman, owning a Salon.

  • Casting had ended