Actors and Actresses needed for Youth Filmmaker Project, Durban

Men and women 10 - 100 Years old, KwaZulu-Natal


Casting Call for Youth Filmmaker Project!

A short film to be shot in Durban, from 24 April - 28 April 2017 is holding auditions for these roles:

Marisha Moody: is 16 years old in 2030. She was born in the year 2014. She is a student. (Ethnicity – Coloured)

Esihle: In her 30's, confident, she is a black female. She is a social media counsellor.

Qaqamba (Q): A female in her early Twenties, Plump, Adventurous. (Ethnicity: Black) Q started out on Instagram and Snapchat where she gained traction with her posts, her followers increasing by the 100's each day.

Chase: In his mid twenties, sexy, athletic, adventurous. He was also popular at a stage, but when the tides turned and people were more interested in seeing more“ordinary” people online, he felt irrelevant, because he was deemed too perfect. (Ethinicity: Coloured/Indian /Black)

Leon/Marisha’s father: In his early 40's, a widower, reserved, modest, and shy, jaded and emotional. (Ethnicity: Coloured)

Max: 13 year old, tall and gawky. (Ethnicity: Coloured)

Wimpie:26 year old, serious man. (Ethnicity: Coloured)

Sarah: An 11 year old girl, mentally retard (mumbles to herself). (Coloured / Indian ethnicity)

Michelle Durand: She is in her 30's, striking, sweet smile and approachable demeanour. She had a mother who was obsessed with always being online and connected. (Preferably White ethnicity, Indian\Coloured ethnicity)

Sibs: in his 60's. Has little hair with bald spots. He’s been married only once, and ever since his wife divorced him, he found solace in online and then virtual gaming but his comfort in it grew into a dependency. (Between Coloured and Indian ethnicity.)

Lerato: Early 20’s, wears lots of make-up , knows it all attitude. (Ethnicity: African)

Timmy: 10 years old, skateboarder. (Ethnicity: Coloured)

Sylvan: He is in his mid 40’s. (Ethnicity: Coloured)

  • Casting had ended