Actors needed for feature film, Durban

Men and women 20 - 60 Years old, KwaZulu-Natal


A writer/director based out of Durban is now starting the casting process on my feature which is called "Envy".

It is a slasher film about an all girl pop group from the USA that comes to South Africa to shoot a music video and find themselves being killed off one by one by a psychotic killer. Think "Scream".

The production team have a distribution deal in place with Videovision Entertainment and they are looking to start principal photography in September 2017, but that will probably be pushed back a month or so.

The following actors are needed:

The group is called VIXN and it is made up of 5 girls in their 20’s. Think "Fifth Harmony" or "Little Mix" or even "The Pussy Cat Dolls". All of the girls and some of the supporting cast must be able to do a perfect American accent as this film is aimed at the US market.

1. SHANIA - the lead singer and ‘beautiful bitch’. White. (American accent)
2. MERCEDES - the sexy guitarist and ‘classy one’. Latino. (American accent)
3. BRITT - the druggie drummer and ‘wastrel billionaire’s daughter’. White. (American accent)
4 RAMONA - the funky bassist. African-American. (American accent)
5. CAT - The back up singer/synthesizer player and ‘fun loving, innocent virgin’. White. Cat is the lead role. (American accent)

Supporting Characters:
a. MAX, 50’s, band manager. Slick, good looking and well kept for his age, he’s a shady guy, a typically smooth Music industry type. White. (American accent)
b. ELI, production manager. Overweight, 30’s, nerdy. White/Jewish. (American accent)
c. THOBIAS, 40’s, Zulu, safari guide. Big, strong, with an unsettling/dangerous air about him.
d. JOE, 30, pilot. All American guy. Good looking, but in a rugged kind of way. White. (American accent). The co-lead.
e. FRANK, 50’s. Shady/washed up lodge manager. White. (American accent)
f. MEGAN, 22, temptress. Frank’s addict daughter. She’s a real temptress and will do anything or anyone to get her hands on more drugs. White.
g. JARED, 26, Zulu. The music video director. Funky and artistic.
h. ROCCO, 28. The gay audio guy. Not overly so or too camp. Just a bit effeminate. White.

The writer/director's first feature film was called ’The Killing Floor’ and it starred Jonathan Pienaar and Patrick Ndlovu. It was completed last year and has just been chosen to premiere at DIFF this year and is also being distributed worldwide by Anant Singh’s Videovision Entertainment.

  • Casting had ended