Afrikaans Student Film needs actors, Joburg

Men and women 20 - 40 Years old, Gauteng


Looking for actors to star in an upcoming Afrikaans student short film shooting between the 20th to the 29th of July (Subject to change)

Logline: When Chris wakes from a 20-year coma, he realizes that he is somehow 3 days in the past, but as a 40-year-old man. He must now find a way to restore things to normal or face the reality that the future he spent the last few years of his youth building, will never exist.

LEAD: (Please Note: All actors required to be fluent in Afrikaans)

2 X CHRIS KRUGER – MALE (Early twenties): An interesting opportunity for Afrikaans twins (or brothers who look very similar) to play both the older and younger versions of Chris, who accidentally travels back in time and meets his 20-year old self in the present. Fathers and sons (who look similar) also welcome to audition. (Young Chris must look 20 and Older Chris around 40 years old)


DR. MARIÉ LOOTS – FEMALE (Mid-Late thirties): A doctor who is really good at her job, but yearns for more. Since her sister died when they were young, she has wanted to save people’s lives, but in an ideal world, she would like to stop them from becoming sick in the first place.

ERIKA SMAL – FEMALE (Early twenties): An outgoing dance student, Erika loves the spontaneity of life and tries to enjoy every moment. The actor is not required to be able to dance, but must look the part.

RIAAN GOOSEN – MALE (Early twenties): A good looking and smart guy studying accounting. He is Erika’s boyfriend and Chris’s irritation. If he wasn’t dating Chris’s crush, they would be best friends.


Saturday, 6 May 2017

9:00 AM – 15:00PM

  • Casting had ended