Casting for The Ultimate Braai Master

Men and women 18 - 100 Years old, All regions


Do you love to braai? Then you need to enter season 6 of Ultimate Braai Master, South Africa's toughest outdoor cooking competition.

Qualifying criteria

- You and your Braai Partner need to be 18-years or older.

- You need to be a South African citizen.

- You can also have South African permanent residency and a valid passport.

- Be prepared to declare if you have a criminal record.

- Both you and your Braai Partner should be prepared to take off 6-7 weeks off work should you be selected as a contestant. The show takes 7 weeks to film, but you could only be away from your workplace for 1 week, it all depends on how you progress in the contest! Please don’t be afraid to enter. If they think you are right for the show, they will assist with your employer if needs be.

If you think that you have what it takes and want to enter The Ultimate Braai Master 2017, you can enter the show by submitting an application here:

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