Enter a Miss Voortreker Beauty Pageant, Limpopo

Women 16 - 27 Years old, Limpopo


The search is on for ladies from the ages of 16 to the ages of 28 to enter Miss Voortreker Beauty Pageant, that will be engaged on the 5th of August 2017 in Louis Trichardt Makhado.

The agency is looking for 50 models and above to join our beauty pageant and bettle with each other to be crowned the winner of the competition and be Miss Voortreker.

Three winners will be crowned.

Each model will sign a contract form that worth R50 per model. Each model will be give a chance to sell ticket and earn at least 10% share of the ticket, meaning that if she sells about 1000 tickets she will earn 10 000 for herself.

  • Casting had ended