Teenage boys wanted for Afrikaans drama, Cape Town

Men 10 - 17 Years old, Western Cape


Do you want to be part of a new exciting Afrikaans film that is set to leave any audience member with a thrilling experience?

Die Aarde Skeur, a thrilling new Afrikaans drama, is casting and is looking for teenage boys aged between 10 and 17yrs old.

Please see casting brief below:

Sex: Male
Age: 11-Years-old
Race: White
Description: Michael is an 11-year-old school-going boy. He has an olive skin, dark hair and a healthy, muscular appearance. His clothes look very faded and tattered. He is very rebellious and well known for his humble origins. He is in the Waveren-home (orphanage)

Sex: Male
Age: 16-Years-old
Race: (OPEN) White | Black | Coloured
Description: Swartbessie is a 16-year old teenager and he is one of Michael’s best friends. He is also in the Waveren-home. He is extremely outgoing and always busy with something. He can also be quite inappropriate sometimes.

Sex: Male
Age: 15-Years-old
Race: Coloured
Description: Antonie is a 15-year old coloured boy. He is also in the Waveren-home with Michael and Swartbessie.

Sex: Male
Age: 13-Years-old
Race: Black
Description: Salomon a 13-year old boy. He is the newcomer to the Waveren-home. He is now friends with Michael, Swartbessie, and Antonie. He is shy and still adapting to his new surroundings. He is also very innocent.

Sex: Male
Age: 16-Years-old
Race: White
Description: Altus is a 16-year-old boy and also the son of the Mayor of the town. He has a real rich-boy attitude. He is also in love with Jana and would do anything to win her heart. He does not like Michael at all and tries his best to badmouth Michael.

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