Auditions For Feature Film, Durban

Men and women 8 - 70 Years old, KwaZulu-Natal


Auditions for roles in a feature film, "The Last Victims", will be held in Durban during the week of July 10 to 13, 1017.

The Last Victims is a political thriller, set in contemporary South Africa with flashbacks to the Apartheid era of the late 80's and early 90's.

They will be looking for the following categories of actors:
- Black Males, 50 - 60
- Black Males, 20 – 50
- Black Males, 8 - 12
- White Males, Early 20's
- White Males, 30's – Early 40's
- Indian Males, 30's – 40's
- Indian / White / Coloured / Black Females, 30's – 50's
- Black Females, 20's
- White Females, 11 - 14

NB: They are looking for trained and/or experienced actors – if you do not have any training or some legitimate experience as an actor behind you, please do not apply.

NB: I you fall into the “Black Males, 50-60”, “White Males, early 20’s” or “Black Males, 8-12” category, the audition sides will need to be forwarded to you in advance, for you to prepare properly; sides for the other categories and characters will be available at the auditions.

The project comes from an experienced creative team, who, between them, have successful and popular movies like Vrou Soek Boer, Knysna, Sonskyn Beperk, the upcoming Finders Keepers and Free State amongst their credits. It is due to start shooting at the beginning of September, with filming taking place in Johannesburg, as well as in various locations in KZN, hence they will be looking to fill some of the roles with Durban-based actors.

This is a solidly and cleverly structured film, with a very good, astute script – unusually for a South African film, its tone is relentlessly dark and grim, and brings to mind a film like Seven (USA 1995), stylistically; this also makes it a good candidate for the international art-house market and festival circuit, and, potentially, also for some awards. Other films to reference would include Zodiac (USA 2007), as well as The Usual Suspects (USA 1995), in terms of there being a twist in the tale! Although the background is political, the potential liability of too much political posturing is off-set by the skilful mix of genres, particularly in terms of the effortless transition from the drama to the thriller elements.

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