URGENT: Casting call for student film, Cape Town

Men and women 20 - 55 Years old, Western Cape


A City Varsity Student Production

The film is based on Julie, a 26-year-old aspiring comedian, who doubles as a bookseller. It explores existentialism in contemporary Cape Town as a black female.

Roles to audition for:

Yvette (Female, white, middle-aged):Works at the bookstore, but thinks she is the "manager". She speaks with her right hand in a constantly tense straight-lock. Packs lunch everyday and eats in the backroom, facing the back wall (like a child her a naughty corner). She wears glasses even though she can see perfectly fine without them. She thinks glasses makes her look more authoritative.

Byron (Male, White, in his 20's):Julie's secret crush. Greenpeace type customer at the bookstore/library photographer/Coder. Annoying sweet natured.

Casting: 25 July 2017 16:00 - 17:00

What to prepare: Prepare own piece otherwise contact the students for the script.

  • Casting had ended