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Men and women 13 - 100 Years old, Gauteng


Auditions for a low budget movie is being held on Thursday 17 and Friday 18th of Dec 2015, at Newworld cafe - Cnr Marshall and kruis street in Jhb cbd near carlton centre.

Time: 10am - 3pm.

Characters for ADA IN THE LION'S DEN:
-Ada - village girl, aged 25, tall, brown complexion
-Tadiwa - Ada's village boyfriend,aged 30, tall and brown complexion
-Magumbo - Ada's mother village woman, aged 45, tall, dark, fat
-Mrs Ndoro- Tino's mother, village woman, aged 50, tall, light, fat
-Mr Ndoro- Tino' s father , village man, aged 55, light, medium height
-Tino/ Madam Kasie - Sex trader, aged 30, tall, light
-Nicole- Tino's young sister, village rich girl, aged 13, slim, tall
-Mike -Modelling agent ,aged 30, medium height, brown complexion
-Rutendo - Mike's wife, aged 25, medium height, brown
-Princess - Mike' daughter, aged 5, short, dark complexion
-Mr Mhike - Minister, Janet's father, aged 50, dark, Medium height
-Mrs Mhike - Janet's mother, aged 40, medium height, brown
-Janet - University student, aged 25, medium height, brown
-Rita - Janet's frent, aged 25, medium height, light
-Ziso - witchdoctor, aged 40, short, brown
-Brothel girls - chioma, Tatenda, Mercy, Aggie, Viola, Rudo, Natasha, Tshidi, Dintle, Motsabi, Karina, Angel, Lois
-T.J - Brothel guard, muscular, aged 30, talk, dark
-Jim- Brothel guard, mascular, aged 25, tall, dark
-Greg - camera surveillance guy, aged 25, short, brown
-Charity - prostitute, aged 18, tall, slender, light
-Nandi - prostitute, aged 15, short, fat, dark
-Christina - prostitute, aged 20, medium height, brown
-Chike - Drug dealer/ sex trader, aged 30, short,fat, dark
-Swiss - Chike's assistant, aged 25, short, brown
-Tim- drug seller, aged 25, tall muscular, brown
-Police - 1st police Mendoza, 2nd police Buthelezi, 3rd police Noly
-Zimbabwean Embassy - Marecha, Munyai, Dube, Mrs Makoni
-Mr Fernando - client, aged 40, medium height, fat, white
-Pastor Emmanuel - client, tall, aged 30
-Wayne - client aged 45, medium height, fat, white
-Extras - clients

Note all actors won't be paid now until the movie is sold and paid for.

Casting had ended