Open Auditions for Project Perfomer 2019, Durban

Men and women 5 - 100 Years old, KwaZulu-Natal


A platform in Durban for Durban has been created with opportunities and education by local and international heavy weights by bringing them together locally, where the artist can learn, network, grow, get direction, perform to and audition for a panel made up of artists, scouts, producers and directors, under one roof, locally, AND at a fraction of the cost.

The Audition Launch is on 13th October 2018 at Thomas More College!

Here are the following categories:

1. Musical theatre/Broadway
2. Pop/Contemporary (This includes all forms of pop, r ‘n’ b and rock)
3. Singer/Songwriter (your own work)
4. Open (original – someone else’s work, folk, classical, operatic, hard rock, or something that can’t be classed as pop/contemporary or Musical theatre/Broadway)

1. Comedy Film
2. Comedy Theatre (Must be from published text)
3. Dramatic Film
4. Dramatic Theatre (Must be from published text)
5. Presenter (original or recited from existing presentation)
6. Commercial (must be from an existing commercial)
7. Open (stand up comedy or something that can’t be classed as dramatic or comedy completely)

1. Ballet (classical and lyrical)
2. Contemporary (includes jazz, contemporary, lyrical, modern)
3. Hip-Hop (includes street and other influences)
4. Choreography (your own work)
5. Open (includes traditional, folk, Bollywood, all forms of ballroom, tap, lyrical, latino, kwaito and acro)

Please note that this is a family friendly environment and no swearing or profanities will be allowed – marks will be deducted.

Project Performer is looking for raw as well as developed talent and artists with personal drive and initiative

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