Babies Needed For Baby Product TV Commercial, Cape Town

Men and women 0 - 1 Years old, Western Cape


An agency is looking for Baby Self Tapes for Baby Product TV Commercial shooting 15-18 January in Cape Town.

Babies who have just started to move independently, but they are not yet standing.

- Babies who can balance on their tummies, scoot along the floor, crawl, pull themselves up to standing, climb over small objects

- Adventurous, playful, mischievous, brave, inquisitive, and keen to push the boundaries of their new found moves.

- Babies who have a unique and distinctive look fun hair, light eyes with darker skin, stand out dimples etc.

- Our babies should have a certain bubbliness of character.

They should almost want to show off their moves. Babies should be of a relevant age to the action they are performing.

- Age range: 9 months to 14 months

- Nappy sizes 3, 4 and 5

- All babies should be healthy and neither overweight or underweight.

-Mix of genders and ethnicities.

They are looking for videos of babies trying to do any of the following "Wild Moves":

A side splits bum shuffle.

A backwards bum-shuffle.

A standing baby peering through his own legs, with head on the ground.

The splits or Yoga style moves.

Baby doing a push up.

A baby doing the superman pose with both arms and legs raised behind them while lying on their tummy.

  • Casting had ended