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Men 18 - 35 Years old, Western Cape


An company is doing a commercial in Cape Town and they are looking for two male supporting actors. (between 23 - 30 years old)

The commercial will be for an app that bids farewell from the digital world and wants to say "hello" to real face-to-face conversations.

The company is based in Austria and they are flying to Cape Town from 11 to 17 February 2019.

They do have a fantastic film crew with them called Wexplore.

The shoot will take approx. 1 day. (February 13)

Here are a few questions and details regarding the shoot:

Message of the video

A traveler caught in the clutches of social media and self-expression is looking for real experiences with real people. It´s not about creating postings on social media but for the sake of creating experiences. Smatterling makes it happen to connect you to locals & like-minded explorers.

Are you near the waterfront or is it difficult for you to get to this area?

Can you make time for the 13 February ?


Please note that the company have a tight budget and cannot pay any wages.

The commercial will be spread globally and they will be also submitting the commercial to major film festivals like Cannes Lions. (Thats the biggest one)

The media coverage will be huge in Europe and maybe even globally.

They really want to create a master piece.

So this might be a great reference for you.

Sure they will take care of the supply and traveling cost.

What do you think?

Would you be up for this?

Casting had ended