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Men and women 3 - 40 Years old, Western Cape


Project Type: The Cavalry Creative is looking for the following talent for an upcoming commercial.


Young girl as a daughter: (Please note that this will be portrayed as the same girl in different phases of her growth)

- Girl/Female

- A black girl aged 3/4 years

- A black girl aged 9/10 years

- A black girl aged 13/14 years

- A black girl aged 17/18 years

- Character: Angelic, artistic and very open - wears her heart on her sleeve.

Father: (Please note that this character will need to age by 10 years during the course of the narrative)

- Male

- Age: mid to late 30's

- Black

- with a pronounced beard that he doesn't mind getting shaved off.

- Character: A good man, but he also knows that life can be tough and is prepared to make sacrifices. He has a warm smile and kind eyes, but he can be firm and serious when it’s called for.

Mother: (Please note that this character will need to age by 10 years during the course of the narrative).

- Female

- Age: mid to late 30s

- Black

- Character: A proud wife and mother who puts her family above everything else. She has a welcoming smile, and she’s the kind of person that immediately makes you feel welcome.


- Location: Cape Town

- Date: TBD

- Payment: TBD

If you are interested, please apply today with an updated profile and the following:

- A photo of yourself, name and age

- Which role you would like to fulfil

NOTE: Onlinecasting do NOT take a cut of what you might earn.

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