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Model, Actor, Singer, Extra

30 years old, fish hoek, South Africa

My name is Christal Jordaan, I prefer Chris. I am 24 years old and want to do this to gain more self confidence. I am not bad looking. I have 12 piercings. A septum ring, a nose ring, a tragus, rook and conch piercing, with stretchers and two lobe piercings in each ear and a belly ring. I have two tattoos on my fore arms of a detailed G-cleff and bass cleff. When I was younger ... Show full description



Physical info

Age :30 years old
Height :1,7 cm
Weight :90 kilo
Eye color :Brown
Hair color :Dark brown
Shoe size :38 UK
Chest :36 cm
Hair length :None
Hair type :Curly
Skin color :White
Ethnicity :Caucasian - White


Modelling experience: None
Acting experience: Slight
Singing experience: A lot
Dancing experience: None
Performed on film/TV
Performed in TV commercials
Performed in theater
Participated in music videos
Participated in musicals
Sung in a group


Modelling jobs
Participation in singing group
Singing/dancing in theater
Movie/TV - acting
Movie/TV - extra