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Actor, Extra

28 years old, Durban, South Africa

am a 27 year old woman. I am friendly, talkative, helpful and enjoy interacting with people
Being in the Entertainment industry has been a dream of mine since I was 7. I have tried to run away from it because of fear, have made any excuse under the sun not to explore this field but I realise that until I do, I will never be fully happy. It'a called the arts bug.
I am currentl...
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Physical info

Age :28 years old
Height :157 cm
Weight :67 kilo
Eye color :Brown
Hair color :Dark brown
Shoe size :39 UK
Hair length :Short
Hair type :Other
Skin color :Brown
Ethnicity :African


Dancing for a singer/group
Singing/dancing in theater
Movie/TV - acting
Movie/TV - extra