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Model, Actor, Extra

41 years old, Pretoria, South Africa

I'm a passionate human being who's in love with nature. I'm an extrovert. I'm extremely talkative in a relaxed environment. I love paying attention to details and analyse every situation to the core in whatever manner possible. I tend to be unknowingly intimidating to others within my presence due to my analytical approach. I repel bad vibes or energy strongly. I love being wit... Show full description



Physical info

Age :41 years old
Height :175 cm
Weight :85 kilo
Eye color :Brown
Hair color :Black
Shoe size :9 UK
Chest :110 cm
Waist :36 cm
Hip :116 cm
Hair length :Short
Hair type :Curly
Skin color :Black
Ethnicity :African


Modelling jobs
Swimsuit/underwear model
Movie/TV - acting
Movie/TV - extra