My first official T.V. shoot




I'm proud and excited to share with you guys my first official TV shoot was for a music video and not just any music video! Micasa's new song Chocolat on their brand new hot and sizzling album Home Sweet Home! It was an adventure for me 2 days of endless fun and hard work! Long hours,great cast and magic went in hard into the making of that music video!

I've recently relocated from Cape Town and I'm proud to say I could do such a thing in a period of a month and half within living in joburg! I didn't even know how to go about getting to the venue but I made it on time, lol it was a fun experience for me, got time and a chance to mingle and meet new people and besides to get up on my feet and make a good statement for my resume!

So I've learnt that if you want something, go out there and get it done, regardless what people what say.. Not for the fame or money but for they enjoyment of your nature, the learning curve and experience!

Kind regards..