Eight days of fun



It was Thursday morning. I woke up bored expecting another boring long day as most of them have been since I got in south africa, where I involve all the money I had in a wrong business.

"Pitchou! Pitchou!" That is the voice of my friends wife calling me from her window. "Yes" I replied. "Get ready, we are going some where in 30min." I was surprised bcz as I know she don't like me much. "Ok" I did shout back.

We have to get in the car. My friend is not happy at all. He is blaming his wife: "What do u think he is gonna do there. He can't understand english?" She just answered: "Let just take him with us."

We drove out of town to a kind of park concession where we find a lot of peoples already. I just found out they are making a movie!

My friend told me, go stand next to that group of peoples. Maybe they will take you as an extra. I start walking toward the group my friend showed me. I''m surprise to see to peoples pointing fingers at me and discussing some thing.

Then here is a guy coming to fetch me like "Hey you, they need you there. Come, you gonna play now! I was surprised: "Play what?" He said just go to that lady. I went to the lady and I was asked to give my ID papers after what straight she took me for make up and I was explained by some one translating, what I am suppose to do it like that.

I find myself playing in a movie called Rough. I am still looking to this day where I can get the disc of that movie because I played 8 days and did some funny stuffs in it.