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Cast in feature film and Rockville season 4


Hi There!

I was cast in a feature film titled 'IMPUNITY' directed by Jyoti Mistry. I was also cast as Derick on a short film titled 'Stolen Freedom' , I recently was a bit cast on Rockville season4 with Ferguson Films.

The experience was great, I learnt a lot on set especially with the film I shot first titled 'IMPUNITY'.It was my first acting gig. I played Tsotsi, where I did a scene alongside Bjorn Steinbach and Alex Mcgregor.I was robbing/mugging Alex in the scene who plays Bjorn Steinbach's girlfriend in the film.

On Rockville season 4 which will air on the 10th of July 2016, I do something quiet similar. I don't know what it is that casting directors see in me, but I always get a part where I'm a bad boy and I enjoy it. On the Rockville scene I was asking this girl called Bassie out, who is new in the Township (on the series). She is Mavi's neice, who has just moved in the family. In the scene she pushes me away and doesn't want to hear a word from me. My friend and I then snatch her phone away, then we nearly rape her, but a police car passes, sees us and stop and we run away. I was a bit cast too on Rockville.

Regards Sizwe