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With passion, nothing is impossible


I was frightened, nervous and so shy course it was my first day in front of the camera. As my name was called upon, being the next go go and be auditioned, I shivered with fear. Standing in front of the auditors, one of them said to me "My brother, don't be nervous, what is wrong with you? Just be calm and focus". I said: "Yeah, I'm ready." After that I was asked to present my profile... ohh my God... I didn't even know what a "profile" is. I just kept quet and looked down... not knowing what to say. The auditor said I must go and practice course I knew nothing. I walked out..looking so said course I had failed.

I started attending acting workshops thereafter and focused on the Internet research to get more techniques. Am proud of my self course I performed very well on my first time on TV casting as an extra on Saints And Sinners. I've been attending other auditions with success and I advise everyone to do attend acting classes and search regulary on the Internet to gain more skills.

With passion, nothing is impossible, thanks.